Technical Support

Many technology services at Duke University are supported by Duke's central IT organization, the Office of Information Technology. Visit OIT's site to learn more about its services. OIT's Service Desk can answer most of your technology questions, while its Web site keeps you aware of service outages and updates.

Duke IT Services Website

The Duke IT Services website is a portal to help faculty, students and staff find IT organizations, services and programs across Duke. The site functions as a directory and links to central and school-level information technology offices while also providing audience specific grouping of service information (student, faculty/staff, researchers, parents). Other helpful IT categories are available including alerts, news and events. Duke IT Services is a collaborative effort between the Duke Office of Information Technology and the IT offices of Trinity College, Pratt, Sanford, Nicholas, Divinity School, the Law School, School of Nursing, Fuqua, School of Medicine, and Duke Health Technology Services.


Your Duke computing experience begins with your NetID, which controls your access to Duke Web sites and services. This ID is assigned to all new students and employees and can be easily maintained through OIT's Account Self-service page.

E-mail and Online Communications

OIT provides Duke employees with e-mail accounts as well as instructions on avoid viruses. Meanwhile, Trinity Technology Services and other departmental and school e-mail can be accessed online at Beyond e-mail, Duke offers access to other communication tools such as wikis, blogs and mailing lists.


OIT offers a full range of computing solutions including, software, hardware (don't forget the Computer Store), printing (did you know you can use ePrint to print to printers across campus without leaving your desk?), and computing and multimedia labs. Training on most aspects for computing at Duke is offered through either OIT or L&OD.

IT Security

Duke provides free anti-virus software to students, faculty and staff via download. Find out about virus protection, and learn how to manage your passwords and protect against phishing attempts. The Duke University Compliance Program coordinates resources, policies and procedures and training related to the confidentiality, privacy, and security of information. Learn more about IT security through the IT Security Office.

Phones & Mobile Devices

OIT provides telephone, audio and video conferencing services for staff and faculty. If you're looking for personal wireless phone service, Sprint/Nextel and Verizon offer Duke affiliates discounted rates on their most popular calling plans, cell phones and other wireless devices.


Duke partners with many IT businesses to offer students, faculty and staff discounts on software used for academic and Duke business purposes. Visit OIT’s site license page to search the software available and find out what you can download for free or for a discount. Don’t forget the free anti-virus software!

Web Design & Applications

Duke and OIT offer a full range of Web solutions, whether through Duke Web Services or services based in the Law School, Fuqua, Nicholas School or Pratt - including Web space, site design (and related print design), application programming, blogs, wikis, forums and digital media solutions.


One card to rule them all… The DukeCard provides students, faculty and staff with an identification card that provides access to buildings, residences and parking areas. It also lets you purchase food from vending machines and all the places to eat on and off campus, movies, laundry, books, and more!


What about the enterprise applications that enable Duke to serve the administrative needs of thousands of students and employees? OIT houses this information, including SAP R/3, Oracle, IT infrastructure, database administration and virtual computing.