Campus Services


The DukeCard provides students, faculty & staff with an identification card that provides access to buildings, residences and parking areas. It also lets you purchase food from vending machines and all the places to eat on and off campus. DukeCard can be used to pay for movies and laundry and books, and…


When on campus, Campus Mail can handle your Duke business – even mass mailings. But you don’t have to leave campus to have all the services offered by the US Postal Service, with two locations across the campuses and hospital. And Fed-Ex (through Procurement Services) will handle your departmental express shipping.

Copying & Printing

Gutenberg would be amazed! ePrint allows you to send documents from your computer to printers across the university. Duke Stores can assist you in all of your printing, copying, and binding needs, personal or departmental. Duke Press has a rich history of publishing nontraditional books and journals.

Disability Management

With Duke’s emphasis on diversity we strive to provide all people the same options and accessibility, whether in classrooms, dorms & offices or parking. Duke also offers disability assistance in academics or on the web. And the Duke libraries provide an extensive array of accessibility resources and information.

Event Planning

Duke has everything you need to host a meeting, throw a party, even have a wedding. From catering to web conferencing to putting on a play. At the Chapel, Law School, or Beaufort Marine Lab. Duke’s Event Management can do it all.


Do you know the difference between the French Family Science Center, the Duke Family Medicine Center and the Science Building (formerly Duke University Art Museum)? What about the Art Building? The Nasher Museum of Art? The Smith Arts Warehouse? Find parking, residences, theaters and more with the Campus Map.